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The ALATA Hall of Fame honors athletic trainers who have distinguished themselves throughout the years in the service of athletic training in Alabama. The athletic trainer is an allied healthcare provider who specializes in athletics healthcare. In cooperation with physicians and other allied health personnel, the athletic trainer functions as an integral member of the athletic healthcare team in secondary schools, colleges and universities, sports medicine clinics, professional sports programs, and other athletic healthcare settings.

As specialists in the prevention, recognition, management and rehabilitation of injuries incurred by athletes, athletic trainers evaluate, administer immediate emergency care, minimize the athlete's reaction to injury, and maximize their physical status for return to competition. Using knowledge of each athlete's injuries and the factors influencing them, the athletic trainer - with the attending family or team physician - develops a treatment program based on medical, exercise and sports sciences.

jimgoostree2.jpg (78894 bytes)

Jim Goostree, ATC
Inducted 1995

kh.jpg (78853 bytes)

Kenny Howard, ATC
Inducted 1995

mbh.jpg (76566 bytes)

M.B. Hooten, LAT
Inducted 1996


TC.jpg (76934 bytes)

Theodore Childs, Ed.D, ATC, PT, LAT
Inducted 1996

fredposey2.jpg (59069 bytes)

Fred Posey, ATC
Inducted 1997

sl.jpg (74921 bytes)

Henry N. Lyda, ATC, LAT
Inducted 1998


Waltrip.jpg (20250 bytes)

Herb Waldrop, ATC
Inducted 1998

DA.jpg (79345 bytes)

John Anderson, MS, ATC, LAT
Inducted 1999

dr.jpg (77104 bytes)

Donna Robertson, MS, ATC, LAT, C.PED
Inducted 2000


Wayne Kendrick, MS, ATC, LAT, EMT
Inducted 2001

Kendrick1.jpg (32240 bytes)

Chris Gillespie, MS, ATC
Inducted 2002

Kendrick1.jpg (32240 bytes)

Drew Ferguson, MEd, ATC, LAT, CSCS
Inducted 2002

R.T. Floyd, EdD, ATC, CSCS
Inducted 2004

Bill McDonald, MA, ATC
Inducted 2005

Sherry Kimbro, ATC
Inducted 2007

Chuck Ash, ATC
Inducted 2008

Marshall Smith, ATC
Inducted 2008

Jim Skidmore, LAT
Inducted 2009

Johnny O. Long, LAT
Inducted 2009

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