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August 29, 2007

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•   ALATA Election News - Another Vote Needed
Call to Action - NOW
ALATA Election News - Another Vote Needed

ALATA would like to welcome Bryan Combs to the position of Vice President and express congratulations to the return of Jamie Gamber as Secretary.  For our non-voting position, Laurie Fincher begins her first term with ALATA this year.

ALATA would like to continue to encourage voting in the run off for the Non-officer position.  Please cast your ballot for Jarod Grace or John Morr to Leigh (Executive Secretary of the Alabama Board of Athletic Trainers) by Friday August 31, 2007.  Leigh can be reached by e-mail at the board office or by email at

Call to Action - NOW

Dear NATA member:

The athletic training profession is again being threatened by government regulation.  This time, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is proposing rule changes to the way hospitals staff their outpatient clinics and other rehabilitation departments.  NATA is concerned that these changes will impact a large percentage of our membership, including those in the clinical and secondary school settings.

Please send a letter to CMS right now to voice your objections.  There is a letter at the bottom of this message that you can cut and paste.  Please add a brief introduction of yourself and make any changes you feel are necessary to the letter.  NOTE: All submissions must be sent by 5:00 pm, EST, Friday, August 31, 2007.  Please be aware that your comments will become part of the public record.

All comments must be submitted electronically.  To submit your comments, go HERE ( and follow these directions:

Select "Submit electronic comments on CMS Regulations with an open comment period"

  1. Select "Submit electronic comments on CMS Regulations with an open comment period"
  2. Select "GO" under the submit comment column for Docket ID CMS-1385-P.
  3. Please select the category that best suits you and your practice setting. 
  4. Under organization, please list your employer's name, if possible.  Please do NOT list the NATA.  We are submitting our own comments and would like your comments viewed as practitioners'. 
  5. Submit your comments. 

If you would like to read more information regarding the proposed changes, you can access them HERE

The pages from the Federal Register that are important are:

38229 – 38233 (pdf page 109)

38191 – 38194 (pdf page 71)

38181 – 38182 (pdf page 61)

As always, we appreciate your efforts on behalf of the athletic training profession and NATA.  Feel free to share this information with your colleagues, athletes, patients, administrators, clients, etc.  This information can also be located on NATA's Web site.

Questions?  Call Amy Callender at NATA at or 800.879.6282 ext. 153.



Dear Sir or Madam:

BRIEF INTRO ABOUT SELF  ie.  Where you work, what you do, education, certification, etc.

I am writing today to voice my opposition to the therapy standards and requirements in regards to the staffing provisions for rehabilitation in hospitals and facilities proposed in 1385-P. 

While I am concerned that these proposed changes to the hospital Conditions of Participation have not received the proper and usual vetting, I am more concerned that these proposed rules will create additional lack of access to quality health care for my patients. 

As an athletic trainer, I am qualified to perform physical medicine and rehabilitation services, which you know is not the same as physical therapy.  My education, clinical experience, and national certification exam ensure that my patients receive quality health care.  State law and hospital medical professionals have deemed me qualified to perform these services and these proposed regulations attempt to circumvent those standards. 

The lack of access and workforce shortage to fill therapy positions is widely known throughout the industry.  It is irresponsible for CMS, which is supposed to be concerned with the health of Americans, especially those in rural areas, to further restrict their ability to receive those services.  The flexible current standards of staffing in hospitals and other rehabilitation facilities are pertinent in ensuring patients receive the best, most cost-effective treatment available. 

Since CMS seems to have come to these proposed changes without clinical or financial justification, I would strongly encourage the CMS to consider the recommendations of those professionals that are tasked with overseeing the day-to-day health care needs of their patients.  I respectfully request that you withdraw the proposed changes related to hospitals, rural clinics, and any Medicare Part A or B hospital or rehabilitation facility. 


XXXXXX, ATC (and/or other credentials)


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