August 6, 2015

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   To the ALATA membership:

To the ALATA membership:

As the elected officials for our state organization, there is an issue which needs to be brought to your attention.  The budget issues at our state level are very convoluted and complex in nature, but the potential to have the state Medicaid partially funded could potentially impact the employment of athletic trainers in a negative way.  The Executive Council is aware of the situation, is monitoring the details and votes closely, and is communicating with the elected officials in our own areas to gather information about this situation and its potential outcome. ALATA is not endorsing a particular vote at this time, only making the membership aware that we are monitoring the situation carefully.  If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to any of the members of the Executive Council to voice those issues.  If necessary, ALATA will issue a statement on the matter but please know that the Executive Council is aware of the situation and is monitoring this issue very closely.  Any kind of condition which would endanger the employment of athletic trainers as an allied health professional is certainly alarming to our group.  As we move forward, please know that the Executive Council is here to represent the profession of athletic training and the interests of each one of our membership.  We have been in touch with our legislative friends, as well as, other medical professional groups that have an equal stake in this.  We strongly encourage you to contact your local state leaders with your concerns.

For those who have reached out and voiced concerns, we thank you for your involvement and support of our association on issues such as this.

ALATA Executive Council